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Lesson 8:  Alternative sources of energy
Lesson plan
A practical investigation into what fuel could be used instead of our depleting fossil fuels. Pupils’ carryout real research and compare ethanol against others. A concise report with all the data must be written by the end.
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Chemistry Lesson 8: Alternative sources of energy
Curriculum Key: AQA 12.2   OCRB C2 Edexcel Topic 7
1. Learn about ethanol and its use as a fuel.
2. Appreciate that ethanol is already used as a fuel in some countries.
Resources needed
PowerPoint (if desired).
Pupil worksheets.
Experiment apparatus and fuels.
Starter: 5-10 minutes
What is a fuel/what makes a good fuel?/what fuels do we use?
What's the problem, why do we need an alternative? Give facts on ethanol. A PowerPoint is provided showing some uses of alternative energies.
Teacher input/assessment
Introduce the topic (if desired use the PowerPoint).
Main Activity 1: 20-25 minutes
Can we test ethanol as fuel? What criteria would they need to apply to test it/ What would they compare it with? (e.g. HOW LONG IT BURNS FOR/energy produced (e.g. like the crisps as a fuel experiment, raising the temperature of a boiling tube of water)
Carry out a practical as on the resource sheet (note safety advice in teacher notes).
Teacher input / assessment
Allow the students to work safely in small groups.
Circulate around the lab.

Plenary: 15 minutes
Evaluation skills - what was bad/good/is it a good alternative fuel. Class discussion of the good and bad points of the practical. Introduce the report. Consider making the report only 2 pages of A4 long. Complete next lesson. Complete reports and peer assess the report based on the marking criteria: see the worksheet for this task
Teacher input / assessment
Set the scene for writing up the investigation report. Talk through the peer assessed marking criteria (this would be a good activity to pre-empt an Sc1 activity).
Learning Outcomes:
All students must: be able to recall some facts about ethanol.
Most students should: be able to carry out a safe experiment to investigate ethanol as a fuel and produce a report.
Some students could: a detailed report to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of ethanol as a fuel
Key Skills: Use of appropriate scientific language, safety, peer assessment
Key words: ethanol, fuel, efficiency
Homework: Start write up of experimental report ready for peer assessment
More able: will fully appreciate the need for alternative fuels and write up an accurate, concise report.
Less able: will perform a safe experiment and write it up – appreciate some facts about ethanol.
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